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Did any of you hear of pakistan? No? Its nothing but ridiculous that once when Haiti was in peril, everybody threw his money out, but now, with 5 times more people being in mortal danger, nobody gives a fuck.

What the hell is wrong with the world??? I seriously don't get it. Does everybody think, they will pay the next taliban weapons or what? Bullshit!

I will donate some money, so that at least some children may survive.
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Tkrmz Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010
This world is full of evilness, is beacuse we don`t see that we are surounded by violnce, in the movies, in the music, even in the cartoons...
Everytimes that pass, we become a little bit less sensitive, and moar blood lovers
No body give a shit, cuz they are not really interested, with the Haiti probles it was just advertisting, they want everybody to belive that we lived in a suporting world, that when something like that hapends we will be helping each other, but was a lie

Is sad cuz, pakistna people are not the enemy, the goverment, that is trying to make money with blood of inocents... they was the ones that blow down the towels, and naw they are killing, tortureing inocent! just because the fucking money

These wolrd is a terrible shit... maybe we should stard to do soemthing... stop waithing the president to do soemthing, because they wont, they just wanna make money, the people, that`s the one that can help each other
We are moare than them!

Stard helping each other and save the world... change the way people look at the problems... we have to save our world... we really need to
Furumaru Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Das Problem ist, das alle Lšnder mit einem ...istan im Namen in der Welt keinen guten Ruf haben. Warum das so ist, keine Ahnung.
Chief-Artist-21 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
Well, the world is already corrupted but there are so many good life out there. Some who are poor are totally happy in their own place while others are asking for a help.
Worse, in Africa, they've been asking for a help many years and only little help came. The reason the money was disappeared because their own Government took it and spent mostly on weapons, armies and other negative stuff for their greed use.
It's not up to a leader to change the world but it's up to everybody who can decide whether if they want a help or not. Escape or stay. Share or own it. What's the use? It's already corrupted when the power was invented.
ReginaldBull Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
So, in the final conclusion one can just either close their eyes or let them open and see the suffering. To really change something, one has to give up his whole life he had until now. And I'm afraid that most are not capable of doing so.
Chief-Artist-21 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
I absolutely agree with you there. Some days, any random person will help and that person can increase good karma.
ReginaldBull Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Obama's not the person, though it would've been cool. But if you look at it longrange, there already have been several people of the kind, which stood out with their believes and endured over centuries. Ghandi, Mother Theresa, even Jesus (who in a way existed to my mind). Anyway, I'm glad you see my point :)
Chief-Artist-21 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
A lot of famous historic people have helped changing ways however the more population have grown, it becomes harder to handle major things. I believe the way out to understand how they should control themselves is to go out and open their eyes more often.

As you've said before, it's up to them whether if they want their bloody eyes open or close, things always changing consistently. *arms wave up in the air*
Harm-Less Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
I'm probably that part of the world too now but for a good reason.
Because did you know less then 2% of the collected money for Haiti actually got there and put to good use?
2%....why the F so less....

So unless they can convince me it will actually go there, I might help too.
I know many innocent people are hurt and need help from us, but with things like this....come on...
ReginaldBull Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
Of course I know,and that makes things even worse. Why the hell is the world that corrupt, that even if one is willing to help, he can't do anything to actually achieve any results?
Harm-Less Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Yeah, well, everyone for himself I guess, very sad indeed.
I hope a big worldwide disaster will happen so everyone will think straight again.

But what can we do about it, right...
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